30 Days Of Discipline:
Develop The Habits Of Successful People

This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you how to develop and maintain self-discipline in 30 days. Use the most powerful ability of human nature - Discipline!

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You want to be a pride man? With an outstanding character? A strong body?
You want to become your best self using your potential and time to achieve your goals?
30 Days of Discipline is the way to go. This is going to change your life forever!
This book is about discipline. It will use discipline to make you improve yourself.

dis • ci • pline n. (' dis’ e-plin)
„the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience“

And after not more then 30 powerful days full of pride, strength and achievement you have earned the greatest of all values in human nature - Self-discipline.

self - dis • ci • pline n. (self’ dis’ e-plin)
„a form of freedom; from laziness, lethargy and the expectations of others; freedom from weakness, fear and doubt“

When my friend told me about that blog called Bold&Determined run by Victor Pride I immediately started absorbing every single word this amazing guy puts out in the world. Victor Pride is not some talking about all the good, making people happy kind of guy. He is a guy of truth. Where someone would tell you „You can achieve everything you want. Just never stop chasing your dream“ Victor Pride would say „You can achieve everything you want. But it’s gonna be one hell of work and you have to be willing to give up everything - You either win or die trying“. While educating myself and slowly improving my life I recognized that there is one single most important thing in a mans life and without that you well never ever achieve anything big - It’s called Discipline. I purchased Victor Prides book 30 Days of Discipline for 10$. This review is dedicated to 30 Days of Discipline and the challenge that made me develop a lifestyle of pride and success.

What is 30 Days of Discipline all about?

Have you ever really challenged yourself? Have you ever made a decision to become a better man, a real man? Considering you are reading this review I guess you want to change and improve but just don’t know how. That’s what 30 Days of Discipline is all about. It is a kick-ass bootcamp to become one hell of a pride man living a successful lifestyle. This is not a journey or a walk. This is a badass challenge and I can tell you right now you have to make the decision to put yourself through that challenge. Every man can make it but only the ones who really want to will have the dedication to make it.
30 Days of Discipline will teach you habits that make a difference. It will change your mindset and empower you with energy, creativity and vitality.

„After 30 Days of Discipline you will have the Pride of a Lion“

- Victor Pride, 30 Days Of Discipline

It won’t be easy but it will be worth it. After finishing these 30 days you are capable of easily challenging every bad habit you ever had and every aspect of your life you ever wanted to change.

Only 30 days will teach you to stop your excuses and lead you to results.

I wish I could stop eating junk
I wish I could wake up earlier
I wish I was in shape
I wish I had more confidence

Learn from the no bullshit man who does the hard stuff who walks the talk and who became an impressive and successful person without much luck or help but with discipline, willpower and determination.

The 12 Core Habits of successful and proud men

How are just 12 habits supposed to change my life? That’s what I thought when I first started reading 30 Days of Discipline. After finishing the book I knew the answer. It’s not about some lame everyday habits your parents or friends would tell you to improve yourself. These 12 habits are the habits of success, of pride. I will give you two examples of what I am talking about.

Habit No.3
„For 30 days you must take cold showers.“

Habit No.9
„Every day for 30 days your answers to yes or no questions are „Yes“ or „No“. Excuses and explanations do not follow your answer.“

Like I mentioned before this is not a journey it’s a challenge. A challenge that if completed will change your life and transform you into a successful and pride man. People are probably going to ask if you are on some kind of new drug because they are so impressed with your changes. Just answer „It’s the drug of self-discipline“.

30 Days of Discipline dedicates one chapter to every of the 12 core habits.

1 - A feast Fit for the Gods
2 - Rise and Shine, the Clock is Ticking and the Day is Wasting
3 - Comfortable? Not After This
4 - Willy Wanker, Let Me Introduce You to Billy Badass
5 - Your Body is a Weapon
6 - Dress to Impress, Dress for Success
7 - Do What You Need To Do
8 - Stand Tall and Proud like a Lion
9 - No Excuses, No Explanations, No BS
10 - Keep Those Ideas Written Down
11 - Your Purpose Here
12 - On the Seventh Day He Rested (But Not for too Long)

Every habit is explained and described. 30 Days of Discipline tells you why you should do the habit and what the benefits are. There is not much philosophic talk around bullshit but short facts and motivation. The book is only 25 pages long but comes with the content and value of 200 pages and a full seminar on developing good habits.

Once you read the book you probably won’t understand the sense of every habit and how they are supposed to transform you into a better man. But trust me after finishing the challenge you will be amazed by the progress and achievements you made and you will feel capable of doing everything. It’s a 24/7 hardcore bootcamp for men to become real men.

Is 30 Days of Discipline the right way to go?

Are you an university student? This book is perfect for you.
Are you an office employee? This book is perfect for you.
Do you have kids, a wife or anything like that? This book is perfect for you.
Are you still in school? This book is perfect for you.

Anyone who is interested in results, improvement, achievements, reaching their goals should read this book. It doesn’t matter at which point of your life you are right now. It only matters what kind of person you want to be.

You want success?
You want to be a business man?
You want to be a father and role model?
You want to be good at school/university?
You want more energy, strength, confidence, pride…?
You want to get laid?

30 Days of Discipline is the way to go. You have literally nothing to lose here. In the unlikely case you are not satisfied with 30 Days of Discipline you have a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee. This review does not promise too much. Go see for yourself - now! 30 Days of Discipline is available as eBook being ready for download right after purchasing.
Stop wanting, start doing!

„Want-to and wish doesn’t mean anything. It feels a whole lot better to say “I DO..” instead of “I want to..”"

- Victor Pride, 30 Days Of Discipline
Victor Pride in a suit

In this Ebook You Will Discover How To Get More…

  • Discipline

    Master the most powerful ability of human nature – Discipline

  • Confidence

    Develop the qualities of a lion – become a man full of pride.

  • Energy

    Supercharge yourself and feel more power, creativity and vitality than ever before.

  • Determination

    Realize your dreams and earn the success you deserve with the power of determination.

Free Bonus: 30-Day Accountability Excel Workbook

The no Excuses, No Bullshit way to set your personal goals, document your progress and identify your weak areas during 30 Days of Discipline.

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